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2014 ADK 540 winner Larry Optis! Larry also won in 2005.

More photos below the standings. Additional photos and a recap will be posted shortly.

1. Ladislav Optis 35 Brampton ON 40H:52M 2nd Victory!
2. David George 55 Fredericksburg VA 44H:33M 7th Solo Finish!
Stephen Bugbee 60 Hagaman NY DNF  
Ray Greenlaw 53 Crofton MD DNF  
Marc Landry 59 Philadelphia PA DNF  
Joe Mann 51 Muscatine IA DNF  
Cassie Schumacher 42 Akron OH DNS  
Team Cure for IBD, captained by 2012 SS 272 winner Chris Pedicone, used the ADIRONDACK 540 as a fund-raising ride to help find a cure for IBD. By the end of the race, they had raised over $16,000 for the CROHN'S AND COLITIS FOUNDATION! For more information, watch this space, or CLICK HERE.
1. Eric Schrading 48 Galloway NJ 17H:59M Supported by 2013 SS 272 winner John Jenkins III
2. Graham Hallward 58 Toronto ON 19H:12M Shatters 50-59 RECORD!
3. Mario Claussnitzer 40 Jackson Heights NY 32H:10M  
Tom Ambros 53 Schenectady NY DNF  
1. John Nobile 51 Guilford CT 07H:04M Broke own age Record!
2. Dale Beckwith 39 Sidney NY 08H:07M  
3. James Keeley 51 Briarcliff Manor NY 08H:16M  
4. Tony Fanning 44 Brooklyn NY 10H:18M  
5. Stu Kellner 29 Pittsburgh PA 10H:33M  
6. Zenon Protopapas 55 Woodbridge CT 10H:40M  
7. Jamil Argue 40 Springdale PA 11H:12M  
8. Ken De Long 56 Gloversville NY 11H:50M Also worked as RACE OFFICIAL!
Aaron Simms 31 Waltham MA DNF  
1. Acadia Klain 31 Pittsburgh PA 10H:33M  
Ciara Kehoe 37 Philadelphia PA DNS  


1. Kenneth Trueman 44 St. Basile Le Grand QC 07H:53M  
2. Tom Ambros 53 Schenectady NY 07H:56M  
3. Stephen Bugbee 60 Hagaman NY 08H:03M  
4. Tristan Laflamme 45 Ottawa ON 08H:13M  
5. Marc Landry 59 Philadelphia PA 11H:13M  
Brian Buurma 44 Hillsborough NJ DNS  
Dave Fish 55 Hudson Falls NY DNS  
Laurie Fish 50 Hudson Falls NY DNS  
Edward Fox 39 Brooklyn NY DNS  
1. Krista Schepanovsky 46 Harvard MA 10H:40M  
2. Ciara Kehoe 37 Philadelphia PA 11H:13M  

Women's winner Krista Schepanovsky riding an S-WORKS FOR CHARITY Roubaix SL4 Di2 during the ADK 540 GRAN FONDO.

ADK 540 GRAN FONDO men's winner
Kenneth Trueman arriving at the finish.






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