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74 year old Lew Meyer breaking the tape and avenging his 2002 DNF!

1. Jay Petervary 36 Wilson WY 35H:01M Great Divide Race Record Holder!
2. Tim Carroll 49 Cleveland Heights OH 40H:35M Golden Gallop Record Holder!
3. Pat Mc Falls 49 Pennellville NY 49H:05M 1st ADK 540 Finish!
4. Robert Anderson 43 Crozet VA 50H:45M 1st Ultra Road Race!
5. Lew Meyer 74 Berwyn PA 52H:52M Avenged 2002 DNF! New Age RECORD!
Ed Dodd 62 Collingswood NJ DNF  
John Guth 54 Stafford VA DNF  
Jason Jacobs 24 Charlotte NC DNF  
Rick Lentz 51 Vineland NJ DNF  
James Proce 42 Holland MI DNF  
James Scheller 44 Brandon FL DNF  
1. Nancy Guth 58 Stafford VA 52H:01M Avenged 2002 DNF!
2. Jessica Eckhardt 26 Cambridge MA 52H:13M Avenged 2007 DNF!
James Trout 38 East Grand Rapids MI DNF  
Jason Baer 30 Burlington VT DNF  
1. Brett Walker 41 Salisbury NH 14H:42M New Course RECORD!
2. David Young 38 Norwalk OH 16H:28M  
1. Brian Donohue 45 Bolton Landing NY 07H:00M New Course RECORD!
2. Rich Burnley 57 Gansevoort NY 08H:04M
2. Kevin Browne 51 Howard Beach NY 09H:00M Friday Start!
4. Ross Mc Cabe 64 Albany NY 09H:15M
5. Lloyd Barry 39 Vanier ON 10H:29M  






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