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  • All of our events are held rain or shine, unless otherwise noted, and all entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. If an event is canceled or rescheduled for any reason, pre-registered riders will receive credit toward one of our other events if they can not make the new date.
  • All of our events start promptly. Please arrive at least a half hour early to register, check in, get ready, receive last minute instructions and have your bike inspected. Rider's times are recorded "door to door," with all breaks, stops, delays, etc., included in their official event time. The official event clock starts at the advertised start time, whether or not you are actually riding and all rider's finishing times are recorded when they check in with the official time keeper. If a rider dawdles at their car or changes or unpacks before checking in, their time will reflect that, just as if you took a break in the middle of the ride.
  • Same day, on-site registration will be available for most of our events and begins one hour before start time. Please refer to each event's page for exact details. You may also pre-register for any of our events at the ADIRONDACK ULTRA CYCLING BIKE SHOP at any time during our regular business hours or on-line at BIKE REG. We accept cash, check and credit/debit cards for all on-site purchases. For events that begin at the shop, it will be open before and after the ride, in case anyone needs anything or forgot something.
  • Drafting is allowed in all of our events and group riding is encouraged.
  • Pets are not allowed at any of our events, including those brought by riders, crews, friends, family, etc., regardless of whether they are leashed, carried in a bag or kennel, or kept in a car. Anyone arriving with a pet will be asked to leave and the associated rider may be disqualified, given a time penalty and/or not permitted to participate in the event and no refund will be issued. Service animals as defined by Titles II and III of the ADA will be permitted in areas of our events where the general public is allowed. All service animals must comply with ADA requirements for handler's responsibilities and please be prepared to show your certification documentation. Please note that emotional support animals, comfort animals, therapy animals, etc., are not considered service animals under Titles II and III of the ADA and are not permitted at our events.
  • All bicycles used in our events must be powered solely by human force. Motorized bicycles of any kind, including, but not limited to, e-bikes and pedal assist bicycles, are prohibited from our events. Riders arriving with a motorized bicycle will not be permitted to participate in the event and no refund will be issued.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times while cycling.
  • Lights and reflective gear are required to be used from dusk to dawn, but are highly recommended for daytime use as well. Our minimum lighting requirements: 600 lumen minimum steady white light in the front, attached to the bicycle; two 50 lumen minimum red lights in the rear (one set to flashing, one set to steady), both attached to the bicycle; a reflective sash, vest or jacket; and reflective ankle bands or footwear. Additional lighting and reflective gear is also highly recommended and please note that helmet mounted lights are not acceptable as your primary light, but may be used as a supplemental light. Lights are also highly recommended for daytime use as well, both front and rear, set to flashing. Please make sure you have enough battery power to get through the entire night and/or ride, which will be between 2-40 hours. If you have any questions about our lighting requirements, please CONTACT US before you register for any of our night rides. Our lighting requirements supersede all other sanctioning organization's requirements.
  • Traffic laws, signals, signs, devices, etc., must be obeyed at all times.
  • All turns, stops, slow downs, etc., must be signaled and/or called out to other riders and other traffic.
  • Ride defensively, always be aware of your surroundings and always watch for traffic.
  • Riders must get completely off the road when stopped.
  • Ride no more then 2 abreast and only when traffic permits. Single up when traffic approaches from the rear.
  • Keep as far to the right as safety permits, and if there is a good shoulder, please use it.
  • Most of our routes are unmarked. Be prepared to navigate on your own and follow a cue sheet and/or GPS device. If relying on an electronic device for navigation, please make sure you have enough battery power for the entire ride, and be aware that in cold conditions and areas where there is low reception, batteries drain at a much faster rate.
  • Most of our events are unsupported on the road, but snacks and pocket food will be provided at the start, with pizza and/or pasta served at the finish. Be prepared to be self sufficient on the road, and/or use convenience stores to resupply.
  • Sanctioned events will have other rules and regulations specific to their governing organization. Please refer to each event's page for exact details.
  • Drug testing using WADA guidelines may be performed on any entrant up to 30 days before or after an event. In addition, any rider under suspension by any sports governing body is prohibited from entering our events.

PRIVACY STATEMENT: We do not share your personal information with any other person, club, race, business, organization, etc., without your consent, except as required to submit official results to sanctioning organizations.

If you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT US.








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