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With sections of the course closed due to severe flooding caused by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene, we were not sure we would be able to use our standard route. Fortunately, NYS DOT did a superb job and completed repairs on the main roads just four days prior to the start, which was well ahead of their announced schedule, and in time for us to use them.

During the race, the damage was obvious and several short sections of the course were restricted to one lane, controlled by a temporary light or flag man. In addition, riders could see homes and businesses that were affected, including some buildings that were completely torn from their foundations.

The damage was not limited to the roads, as several hiking trails in the High Peaks area of the Adirondack Park Preserve were also closed. Some have been reopened, but others remain closed or restricted.

While Irene brought weather and flooding that was somewhat extreme, it is not unusual for weather to play a major role in the Adirondack 540. And when the weather is combined with the relentless terrain, it is no wonder why the Adirondack 540 has been gaining a reputation as one of the toughest ULTRA CYCLING races around.

This year's race was no exception to that rule, and weather did play a major role. Although it was mostly dry, the temperatures were well below normal, and the low on the first night was about 30°. Riding in that type of cold requires 20%-30% more energy then riding in warmer temperatures, and most riders rode at a slower then normal pace and took more frequent breaks.

But the cold was just one obstacle riders had to overcome. Wind was another. On the first day, winds gusted up to 30 MPH and it was blustery on most of the course all day, including a very strong headwind on Hurricane Mountain, which made one of the most difficult climbs even harder.

The wind was not an easy thing to overcome either, as it seemed to come from every direction at the same time, and because of that, riders could not look forward to a tailwind on any particular section of the course. In fact, the wind was so unstable, that at one point the flags at race headquarters were blowing in a different direction then the flags that were just across the street.

All in all, it was another outstanding race, despite the conditions. Or maybe because of the conditions?

Jason Lane from Sudbury, ON, Canada, won the men's Adirondack 540 with a time of 40H:42M; and Cassie Schumacher from Akron, OH won the woman's division with a time of 45H:19M. See below for the complete results.

1. Jason Lane 30 Sudbury ON 40H:42M Rode unsupported!
2. George Metzler 43 Atglen PA 45H:19M  
2. Jim Dannis 54 Dalton NH 45H:19M Received 12 minute credit to help another rider!
4. Leonard Forkas 52 Vienna VA 47H:14M  
5. David George 52 Fredericksburg VA 49H:00M Also finished in 2003, 2004, 2007 & 2010!
Matthew Bellantoni 20 Kinnelon NJ DNF  
Jeffrey Bonk 33 Sioux Falls SD DNF  
Doug Levy 56 Willow Grove PA DNF  
William Maxwell 34 Cleveland OH DNF  
Chris Mosier 31 New York NY DNF  
Greg Mountiford 61 Lee NH DNF  
Andrew Welch 31 Chesterfield VA DNF  
1. Cassie Schumacher 39 Akron OH 45H:19M Also finished in 2010!
2. Jessica Eckhardt 29 Cambridge MA 47H:55M Also finished in 2008 & 2010!
1. Jason Koski 39 Wethersfield CT 18H:39M Has raced the Great Divide Race!
Tom Ambros 50 Schenectady NY DNF Won Bronze Blast in 2010!
Matthew Mc Clellan 22 Norfolk VA DNF  
William Yellig 69 Hamden CT DNF  
1. Sam Fisher 54 Laurel MD 09H:16M  
2. Frederick Collins 59 Palmerton PA 09H:44M  
3. Dick Murphy 53 Glens Falls NY 09H:54M Also raced in 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009 & 2010!
4. Mark Prescott 52 Dumfries VA 10H:14M  
5. Lloyd Barry 42 Vanier ON 10H:37M Also raced in 2006, 2008, 2009 & 2010!
6. Jeffrey Magnuson 40 Washington DC 10H:40M  
7. Rohan Freeman 45 Rocky Hill CT 12H:05M Climbed Mt. Everest!
Steve Nothnagle 45 Rochester NY 11H:42M Rode "unofficially" as a riding Race Official!

Mark Prescott and Tom Ambros standing in front of an all too appropriate sign before the start of Saturday's races.






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