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John Nobile approaching the finish line in record time.

John Nobile of Guilford CT, turned in a very impressive performance and broke the course record by 16 minutes, with a time of 32H:00M.  This comes on the heals of another impressive performance in July at the Hudson River Ramble 12.  He broke the record there as well, but so did two others and he finished third.

But on this weekend, no one finished ahead of him.

Each of his four laps on the 136 mile loop, were fairly consistent, and he spent very little time off the bike.  He rode very efficiently and even installed a chin rest on his stem that allowed him to rest his head while descending.

Overall, the race was a typical 540.  The weather was a bit tricky at times, with tough headwinds, heavy showers and cold nighttime temperatures, but not too bad for the most part.

Friday was a little on the warm side, with highs in the low 80s, and a few riders felt the heat, as we had a handful of withdrawals overnight.  Things cooled down Friday night and into Saturday, with lows in the low 40s on most of the loop, but dropping about 10° in the higher elevations.  Hurricane Mountain was once again a brute of a climb, and riders could feel the air getting colder the higher they rose.

Saturday was a little more challenging as far as the weather was concerned, as it only got up into the low 60s on most of the course, but stayed in the mid 50s in some areas.

All in all, it was another outstanding race.  We had a good field for the 540, including David George, who finished for the sixth time, Jim Dannis who finished for the second year in a row, knocking off over 5½ hours on his time, and Jeff Bonk, who avenged a DNF from last year, when he was forced to drop out after a crash. There were a few disappointments too, as half the field didn't finish, including a couple of race veterans.

See below for the complete results.

1. John Nobile 49 Guilford CT 32H:00M Set new Record! Avenged 2009 DNF!
2. Jeffrey Bonk 34 Sioux Falls SD 39H:19M Avenged 2011 DNF!
3. David George 53 Fredericksburg VA 39H:24M Also finished in 2003, 2004, 2007, 2010 & 2011!
4. Jim Dannis 55 Dalton NH 39H:41M Beat 2011 time by 5H:38M!
5. Jesse Stauffer 24 Selinsgrove PA 49H:13M Youngest finisher!
6. Richard Crandell 35 Peoria IL 49H:23M  
Geoff Brunner 44 Allentown PA DNF Finished in 2010!
Raymond Greenlaw 51 Annapolis MD DNF  
Ernest Landry 59 Leominster MA DNF  
Henrik Olsen 47 Walkersville MD DNF  
Kale Poland 30 Laconia NH DNF  
Horner Williams 47 Red Bank NJ DNF  
Marc Landry 57 Philadelphia PA DNS  
Jessica Eckhardt 30 Cambridge MA DNF Finished in 2008, 2010 & 2011!
1. Meurig James
Krstie Nichols James
48H:15M Set new Record!
Brian Uline 46 Sloatsburg NY DNF Also raced in 2002 & 2003!
1. Chris Pedicone 42 Basking Ridge NJ 34H:34M  
Graham Hallward 56 Toronto ON DNF  
David Power 41 Wilmington DE DNF  
Spencer Williams 21 Temple NH DNS  
Suzanne Burke 59 Leominster MA DNF  
Heather Rizzi 33 Schenectady NY DNS  
1. Tom Ambros 51 Schenectady NY 08H:10M Local Rider! Also won in 2010!
2. Francois Proulx 37 Mascouche QC 10H:26M  
3. Kurt Higgins 43 Ballston Spa NY 11H:09M Also worked as Race Official!
4. Jean Mondesir 46 Red Bank NJ 12H:34M  
5. Chris Grant 53 Lake Placid NY 12H:45M Also worked as Race Official!
Glenn Shesney 49 Warminster PA DNF  
1. Krista Schepanovsky 44 Harvard MA 09H:34M  

John Nobile looks like he's ready to do it again, shortly after he finished.






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