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Welcome to Adirondack Ultra Cycling. We organize long distance bicycle rides and races in the Adirondack and Saratoga regions of upstate New York. Our events include the fall/winter Adirondack Ultra Challenge century series, the Saratoga Brevet Series and ADIRONDACK BREVET WEEK in the spring, the ADIRONDACK 540 GRAN FONDO in June, the Saratoga 12/24 in July, the Montreal Double Double in August, the Adirondack 540 in September and the Haunted Hundred overnight century in October.

All of our events are eligible for the Adirondack Ultra Cup, which is awarded to the top male and female cyclists who ride the most miles in our events. To see the cup, CLICK HERE.

Below is our schedule, the latest news and brief descriptions of our events. For more detailed information, follow their links, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Enjoy, and I hope to see you on the road!





The Adirondack Ultra Cup is a competition that rewards the top male and female cyclists who ride the most miles in Adirondack Ultra Cycling events. We'll combine the total mileage from all of our events and break ties by whoever completes the distance in the fastest time. For more information, click here. To see the cup, CLICK HERE.

2015 Champion
Mario Claussnitzer
2015 Champion
Ann Rasmussen
2014 Champion
Steve Bugbee
2014 Champion
Amy Kemper
2013 Champion
Ed Dodd
2013 Champion
Krista Schepanovsky

The Adirondack Ultra Challenge is a Fall & Winter century series that provides an opportunity for riders to complete at least one century every month and to get in some good off season riding. For more information, click here.

Andrew Morizio Simon Muil Bob Mitchell Bill Schwarz Ann Rasmussen Kyle and Mario

The Saratoga Brevet Series and ADIRONDACK BREVET WEEK are spring "randonneur" series that consist of 200 KM, 300 KM, 400 KM and 600 KM brevets, sanctioned By L'Audax Club Parisien (ACP) and RANDONNEURS USA. For more information on our brevets, click here. For more information on American randonneuring, click here.

Nathaniel Watson Martin Bialas ADK 200 KM ADK 300 KM Bill Fischer John Jurczynski &
Ann Rasmussen

The ADIRONDACK 540 GRAN FONDO is held in June, and will use the 136-mile ADIRONDACK 540 course, with timed sections to keep things interesting.  Also included will be a vendor's expo and seminars on training, nutrition, equipment, lighting and strategy for the ADIRONDACK 540 in September. For more information, click here.

Ken de Long The Start Tom Burgess &
Dave Morton
Shawn Kaufman Niklas Anderson Mario Claussnitzer

The Saratoga 12/24 is held every July in Saratoga Springs, and uses a rolling 40-mile course in northeastern Saratoga County and along the Hudson River. It consists of several events, including: the Saratoga 24-Hour Challenge, the Hudson River Ramble 12-Hour Challenge, the Nighthawk 12 Nighttime 12-Hour Challenge, the Triple Lap 120-mile Challenge, the One Lap 40-Mile Fun Ride and the Midnight Madness 40-Mile Fun Ride. For more information, click here.

One Lap Fun Ride John Nobile Cuneyt Eviner Last Minute
Cuneyt Eviner &
Tom Ambros
Ken de Long

The Montreal Double Double is a unique event held every August, that combines ultra marathon racing and touring. The concept is to ride the 200 miles from Schuylerville up to Montreal, have a rest day in Montreal, then ride back to Schuylerville on the third day. It's a neat event, with full support and first class accommodations. For more information, click here.

Coming into
Kathy &
Anthony Ceceri
Nearing the high
point of the ride
Don, Amy & Bruce Crossing the Border Amy arrives
at the finish

The Adirondack 540 is an entire weekend of ultra cycling fun that will test every level of rider. It's held on a beautiful and challenging 136-mile course that travels along Lake Champlain and through the High Peaks region of the Adirondack Park Preserve. Rolling hills, long climbs and breath taking descents are a staple of this course. We have events that cover one, two, three and four laps of this grueling course. For a complete schedule and more information, click here.

THE ADK 540 Mark Herbst Jase Briggs Mark Herbst James Young Peter del Nero

The Haunted Hundred is a scary overnight century that's usually held the weekend before Halloween and is part of the Adirondack Ultra Challenge. We use a rolling loop through Saratoga, Warren and Washington Counties that takes us to frightening places like Bloody Pond and Prospect Hill Cemetery, and past haunted houses, burial grounds, cemeteries, murder sites, zombie lands, battlefields and war monuments. This ride was featured in the October, 2009 issue of Bicycling Magazine as the "Cool Ride of the Month." For all of the details, and more information, click here.

Ken de Long &
Kim Donegan
John Jurczynski Nicole Kimborowicz
& Krista Schepanovsky
Jonathan Kovach Carolyn Wiggin Zombieland

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