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Results for the Adirondack Ultra Challenge:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


A couple of riders enjoying the Adirondack 540 Preview Ride.

Stephen Bugbee Pittsfield MA 07H:29M 07H:45M
John Ceceri Schuylerville NY 07H:29M 08H:20M 07H:45M 08H:45M 08H:05M
John Compton Burdett NY DNS
Daniel Conroy Ottawa ON 09H:50M
Robert Duclos Cicero NY 11H:55M
Simon Ferguson Ottawa ON 09H:50M
Bob Ford Stratford CT DNF
Bruce Goulart Newton CT 08H:00M
Cody Hanna West Sand Lake NY DNF
Evelyn Heinbach New Paltz NY DNS
Carl Hunt Roxbury CT 08H:00M
Donald Jagel Germansville PA 09H:25M
Travis King Lake George NY 07H:45M
Christian McEvoy Easton CT DNF
Dean Monti Freeport NY DNF
Daniel Patterson Albany NY DNF
Shon Rainford Rutland MA 08H:05M
Ryan Sarka Utica NY 08H:20M
Simon Washer Rockland ON DNS







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