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Thank you for your interest in the Adirondack Ultra Challenge. Below are the general details for each ride. Use the links to guide you, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


All rides start promptly. Please give yourself adequate time to arrive, check in or register, and get ready to ride. Riders are expected to be on the start line at least 15 minutes before the start for last minute instructions.

Most rides leave from our event director's home at 7 Pearl Street, Schuylerville, NY, but please refer to the specific event's page for more information and the exact starting location. Wherever we start, please be courteous when arriving, departing and parking, especially if it is late at night or early in the morning. For travel directions and parking instructions, click here.

Entry fees must be in US dollars, and are non refundable and non transferable.

Rides will be held rain or shine. If there's a chance of snow, ice or other dangerous conditions on our winter rides, they'll be postponed and rescheduled. If that occurs, and a pre-registered rider can't make the new date, they'll be given a full refund or credit toward another ride, whichever they prefer.

Most rides will be unsupported on the road, but services will be available on the route. Riders should plan on being self sufficient.We'll provide gels, bars and drinks at the start of most rides, as well as pizza or pasta at the finish. We've also put together a rider's checklist to help you prepare.   


ONLINE REGISTRATION is available for all of our rides. Riders may also register via mail, using the ENTRY FORM. Same day registration will be available beginning one hour before the start, and we're pleased to announce that we now accept credit cards for on-site registration and purchases.

For more information, please refer to the specific event's web page.


While our sanctioned events have strict time limits that riders must adhere to, our Adirondack Ultra Challenge rides have "soft" time limits. We expect everyone to finish within the posted time frame, but you won't be disqualified if you take a little longer to finish. As long you're properly prepared, reasonably coherent and riding in a safe manor, you'll be allowed to officially complete the ride.

However, we do reserve the right to disqualify a rider and pull them from the course if we feel they are not properly prepared, incoherent or riding in an unsafe manor.

For a list of items to bring to be properly prepared, please refer to our rider's checklist. And, if you have any questions on this policy, feel free to contact us.


LIGHTS and REFLECTIVE GEAR are required from dusk to dawn. On some of our rides the time limit expires after dusk, but most riders should finish before sunset. On these rides we do not require lights, but it is solely the rider's responsibility to have proper lighting in the event they are still riding after dark.

Anyone caught riding between dusk and dawn without lights and/or reflective gear will be immediately disqualified from that event. To view our rider CHECKLIST, which includes our minimum lighting requirements, click here.


All of our events are eligible for the Adirondack Ultra Cup competition.

Our brevets are officially sanctioned by Audax Club Parisian and/or RUSA, and are eligible for all of their awards and qualifiers.






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