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Results for the Adirondack Ultra Challenge:


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Riders taking a break to warm up on the FIRST CENTURY. It was a chilly day, with temperatures only getting up to the low 20s, with a brisk wind out of the south.


Niklas Anderson New York NY 78 MILES
Ayaz Asif Lebanon NH 09H:30M
John Ceceri Schuylerville NY 25 MILES 08H:55M 50 MILES
Mario Claussnitzer Jackson Heights NY 78 MILES 08H:55M DNS
Scott Cole Wallingford VT 08H:57M
Vinay Devanathan East Rutherford NJ DNS
John Duer Fairfield CT DNS
Rick Gowen Bolton CT 06H:53M
Carlo Innocenti Wakefield MA 06H:53M
John Jurczynski Holderness NH 07H:03M
Shawn Kaufman Mt. Vernon NY 78 MILES
Danielle Michel Warrensburg MO DNS
Simon Muil Pittsfield MA 07H:05M
Richard Preuhs Yardley PA DNS
Sneha Ranganathan East Rutherford NJ DNS
Ann Rasmussen Holderness NH 07H:03M
Arin Simmes Queensbury NY 07H:05M
James Winegar Brooklyn NY DNS






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