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Riders lining up for the SARATOGA 200 KM BREVET.

Martin Bialas Argyle NY 10H:01M 05H:25M
Steve Bugbee Hagaman NY 09H:35M 16H:50M DNS DNS 205 MI
Mario Claussnitzer Jackson Heights NY 11H:38M DNS 23H:24M DNS DNS
Bill Fischer Elmira NY 29H:12M
Zachary Goodrich Blakeslee PA 10H:01M
Salil Harsulkar Portsmouth NH DNS 19H:08M DNS DNS 175 MI
Doug Havnaer New Paltz NY 36H:03M
Hans Jatzke Philmony NY 21H:24M
John Jurczynski Holderness NH 07H:49M 27H:42M
Jim Koegel Cincinnati OH 15H:49M 38H:57M
Steven Lavoie Concord NH 18H:15M 33H:50M
Simon Muil Pittsfield MA 09H:21M 08H:52M 15H:29M 19H:21M DNS DNS
Robert Olsen Annandale NY 10H:39M 17H:03M
Neil Prince Allenhurst NJ 08H:52M 15H:29M 19H:21M DNS DNS
Ann Rasmussen Holderness NH 07H:49M 27H:42M
Matt Roy Arlington MA 33H:50M
Arin Simmes Queensbury NY 09H:17M
Erin Sosnoski Southwick MA 100 MI
Brad Tanner Concord NH 18H:15M 33H:50M
Nicolaas van Rhede van der Kloot Old Greenwich CT 19H:21M
Hugh Walsh Cincinnati OH 23H:24M
Nathaniel Watson Mascouche QC 09H:28M 14H:37M
Riders needing a certificate number to apply for PBP, may obtain it either by looking it up on the RUSA website, or by CONTACTING US.






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