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RBA John Ceceri, Kurt Higgins and John Jurczynski finishing up the 200 KM.

William Alcorn State College PA 35H:31M
Glenn Ammons Albany NY 10H:23M 13H:58M 35H:08M
Brian Berry Mount Tremper NY 12H:07M 22H:15M 36H:55M
Chip Cameron Brooklyn NY 14H:28M
John Ceceri Schuylerville NY 09H:15M 14H:30M 22H:15M 34H:31M
Michael Cerenzia State College PA 35H:31M
Laurent Chambard Englewood NJ DNS DNS
Ben Daily Brooklyn NY DNF
Matthew Ferrari State College PA 35H:31M
Joseph Gore State College PA 35H:31M
Jud Hand East Brunswick NJ 12H:07M
Kurt Higgins Gansevoort NY 09H:15M 14H:30M 22H:15M 36H:00M
John Jurczynski Holderness NH 09H:15M 20H:43M
Richard La Blanc Pittsfield MA DNF
Ferdinand Lauffer Endsburg Falls VT 12H:07M 13H:58M 22H:15M 36H:00M
Jonathan Levitt Bronx NY 22H:15M
Powell Maille Queensbury NY 09H:20M 13H:45M
Anthony Mennona Montpelier VT 08H:42M 12H:30M
Michael Mitchell Providence RI 12H:27M
Heather Mosley Schenectady NY 09H:20M 13H:45M
Dick Murphy Queensbury NY DNF
Richard O'Neil Rotterdam Juction NY 35H:31M
Robert Olsen Annandale NY 22H:15M 36H:00M
William Olsen Califon NJ 09H:30M
Andrew Rizzi Schenectady NY DNF 13H:45M
James Romer Yardville NJ 12H:35M
Ken Sacks Barrington RI 16H:15M
Bill Schwarz Kinderhook NY DNF * DNF *
Stuart Stiffey Westfield MA 36H:55M
Setven Thorne State College PA 35H:31M
Dennis Weaver Oswego NY 35H:25M
* Hand Cycle







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