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Riders milling about before the start of the 200 KM.

William Alcorn State College PA 17H:45M
Barbara Anderson Hamilton NJ DNS
Ronald Anderson Hamilton NJ DNS
Andrey Belikov Tillson NY 16H:13M 20H:45M
Bryan Beresford Carmel NY 10H:40M
Steve Britt New York NY 16H:13M
Stephen Bugbee Pittsfield MA 15H:20M 25H:25M
John Ceceri Schuylerville NY 10H:40M
Jan Dembinski Woodstock VT 35H:27M
Jessica Eckhardt Cambridge MA 21H:40M
Matt Ferrari State College PA 17H:45M
Mike Hanes Limerick ME 32H:46M
Garth Hoffman Duxbury CT 16H:13M
Hauke Kite-Powell Duxbury MA 16H:13M
Ed Kross Framingham MA 21H:40M
Ferdinand Lauffer Endsburg Falls VT 10H:40M 20H:45M 35H:27M
Anthony Littlejohn Albany NY 10H:40M
R. Donald Nolte Woodbury CT 20H:45M
Steve Nothnagle Rochester NY 16H:13M DNF
Chris Schulten Middlefield CT 12H:41M
Stuart Stiffey Woodstock NY 17H:06M
Brad Stratton Albany NY 10H:40M
Nathaniel Watson Montreal QC 11H:15M
James Williams New York NY DNS
Bill Schwarz Kinderhook NY 39H:32M *
* Hand Cycle






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